Great Warriors & Great Warriors II fight without honor


haha yeah, this whole conversation is a waste of time. you don't like the bigger alliances??? suck it up!!! there's nothing you could do about it! you could unite every alliance with a ranking higher than fifty and not beat those three alliances. get bigger and join their alliance. that is the only way not to get slaughtered in the end.


Waste of time? Are you kidding? I started this PnP back when I didn't even know how to use the forums or really play the game just to drop out of this world without throwing the players in my former alliance under the bus. Not only did it work perfectly as I had hoped for them but I also made a thread that has run this long, achieved four star status, is still relevant to this day, and brought me a whole bunch of friends that I am kicking butt with in this world where I have reset and others. And yes you are correct about joining them. It seems that no matter what I do they will always insist that I join and lead them.