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    Yeah - I was supposed to be involved in this call, but unfortunately got pretty sick the day before, and ended up being unable to make said call. Honestly, I'm not sure a summary will be made about this call or not, given the context of conversation.

    I've been talking to other members about said call to get an idea of what happened and have gotten a few materials. (Unfortunately since I wasn't there I cant say when/if said summary will be made, or even if the other members think it's necessary since it was just a call about personal opinion and not necessarily about any finite changes to be made to the process. Again, wasn't there. So I don't know for sure.)

    From what I've understood thus far, as the description says, it was mostly feedback about how council functions and what the other inner council members had to say about how it ran and how it could be improved in future terms. Devs provided statistics on participation from councils, council provided insight to how things ran on their end. (which is also why the election hasn't started yet, as far as I'm concerned, since they wanted to get feedback about said process and possibly reshape it to make it a more seamless process. That is me assuming again, wasn't in call.)

    I know I have a lot of personal opinions on the function of council - even though I wasn't in the call I have been bringing up some suggestions/comments periodically via forum as the term has moved forward (as well as mentioned some other concerns - i.e. randomizing voting order. Not saying it will be done, but just that I mentioned it).
    Some of those opinions are dev-centered, a lot of them are suggestions for the people who would be council members next term.
    ....I'm not going to post all of my opinions/suggestions here, because I'm not really sure it's entirely relevant unless you actually want to be in council...but if you're planning on running for council next term and you're interested/want to know more about it, feel free to pm me, or message me on skype/email.
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