1. Vacation mode problems / concerns
VM has never been adjusted to our faster game, many big changes happened, we get notifications for incoming attacks, Grepolis became a mobile game... we can literally respond 24/7 within seconds. These VM rules were set and good when we started the game with turning on our computer first...
- 48 hours activation time is too long (with the current conditions)
- players can not attack and are more vulnerable when vacation mode was activated (approved scripts offer activity, BP stats ingame, opponents notice VM and take advantage of the often limited response of these players)
- anomaly on conquest worlds: CS can land last minute before VM activation - the alliance help is limited, siegebreak is not available, we can only prevent a CS landing - more city losses, OPs timed to VM activation
- world wonder cities are not protected by VM, the player can not return in the first 24 hours of vacation, gets incoming attack notifications (without information) but can't break VM to help
- players register different accounts to renew vacation days for a new server
- players stock the gold purchased vacation days and manipulate with registration date and VM renewal, doing both can result in 100 or more vacation days (block many cities, delay the end of a world)
- it is a strategy to spam and send someone on VM / make them quit - exploit the vulnerability of the pre-vacation
- the new endgame proposal criteria for winning would be holding domination for 14 days when VM is available but in fact doesn't protect our cities
big contradiction with the VM description and purpose: You are not vulnerable while vacation mode is active...
- personal experience: increasing number of ceasefire requests for personal reasons, sometimes alliances don't grant peace until VM activation even, some try to abuse the goodwill of opponents - it creates frustration, too many private information get out without the player's consent to justify the request... leads to bullying, frustration, quitting - bad for community

2. Why/How do you think this will improve the game?
Vacation mode is false advertisement as it is now, because it makes us more vulnerable.
Alliances, players can not deal too much longer with the increased pressure of what these problems and upcoming changes put on them. The fine balance of how you can pause and return to a game is crucial and it's lost.
If we could enter VM in peace, without risk of getting more attacks and losing more cities than on regular days more players would return (happy) and the time we spend playing would have higher quality, less frustration and ethical debates about ceasefire.

3. Ideas for solution
- vacation dynamics should be like peacetime
/player can attack, but can not send nor get new* CS 24 hours before VM activation after VM was started/
- vacation days should be assigned to a server not to an account /players who started a server later should get less vacation days, all vacation days should be 0 after a server had a winner/
- vacation mode could be stopped anytime but minimum 1 day + every started 12 hours would be deducted from the remaining vacation days
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- vacation dynamics should be like peacetime /player can attack, but can not send nor get CS 24 hours before VM activation/
What do you do about a 25 hour cs sent right before the person hits vm?
If I'm right the 48 hours are to prevent any cs from being able to land during vm
And reducing the maximum cs time would make it harder on slow worlds to break wonders and such I think, so that's not an option


What do you do about a 25 hour cs sent right before the person hits vm?

This is a good question, peacetime is announced early enough so you can not start the CS.

*only let those CSs land that were started before VM activation... but don't allow new CS to be sent if it landed during the last 24 hours before VM
the player would be still attackable right until VM activation

notification after every attack that was started in the last 24 hours:
XY player is entering VM in the next 24 hours, your can not start new CS any longer
(players won't waste clearing on cities what they can not take on any worlds, but won't prevent CSs from landing if started before VM activation, because revolting cities would be still possible)
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Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
I'll ask but I won't have any answer before early Monday morning. One stop gap measure we can look into is an ingame announcement notifying players that voting has started and is available on the browser version. While that wouldn't fix the issue for app players it would let them know the vote is ongoing if they wish to pop onto a computer for a couple of minutes to cast a quick vote.



I am not very eloquent, so I hope I am able to explain why none of my fellow gamers are here from when I started playing grepo about 10 years ago.

A game that is based on strategy and skill, add a little luck and active friends is a fun game to play.

A game that is won by the people that spend the most money, is not a fun game to play. When it just boils down to how much you spend, seems kind of pointless.

Buying gold used to give players an advantage. This is no longer the case. Grepo has become a game where spending money determines the winner.

This is not fun anymore and after 10 years of playing, I will play no more. I can spend money on games that are more fun and once I spend the money, I play on a level playing field.

Hopefully Grepo continues to attract people willing to spend money, because the basic game concept is fun and I would hate to see it die because the business model ruined it.

Best of luck to innogames.


I'll ask but I won't have any answer before early Monday morning. One stop gap measure we can look into is an ingame announcement notifying players that voting has started and is available on the browser version. While that wouldn't fix the issue for app players it would let them know the vote is ongoing if they wish to pop onto a computer for a couple of minutes to cast a quick vote.

so, @Baudin Toolan , I know it's only Wednesday and everyone has been focused on the update rather than looking backwards to helping app players have notice so they can vote in the gpc election but has anyone thought about this, done the stop-gap, sent an email to players?

no one to whom I have spoken that is app-only has heard anything from inno
I could just be asking the wrong ppl or nothing could have been done.

I'm guessing nothing has or will be done since I asked the devs directly to look into this as well and this was the "convo":

Rachel.L says:
April 28, 2018 at 3:05 PM
is anything being done so that app players have an opportunity to vote in the elections for the second gpc? right now it appears to be in the browser only. voting by email? coming to the forum? we are trying to make this a more inclusive and fair vote so let’s not forget 1/3 of our players.

Steffi says:
May 2, 2018 at 3:14 PM
Unfortunately it is not currently possible to participate in the elections from the phone, seen as the app is just considered as a companion app, rather than the full game (which is apparent in regards to the feature availability even outside of the election window).

Most of our players play either on browser or cross-platform and in fact only a very small percentage of players is playing the mobile app only, and if they do, they tend to play more casually at that. If you happen to know any mobile players who would be interested in participating in the elections, please let them know that they can even log in to the browser version with their phones (load desktop version of to cast their vote if need be.

(Note: Considering the dwindling number of ppl playing grepo and the increasing number I know that are app only, I'm not sure I agree about that small percentage but if that is their pov it explains why they are slow to help app players with anything.)

Rachel.L says:
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May 2, 2018 at 5:21 PM
I understand they can’t participate in the app, i’m saying tell them it’s happening so they can find a way to do it. Also, why isn’t it possible?

It’s not my job to let the app players know this is happening. IT’S YOUR JOB. It is actually written in the contract you write with players when they sign up. Read it sometime.

(Guessing this post may not make it into the blog.)

Looks like they can't be bothered to send an email or ig pm even.
Still, appreciate if you follow up, BT, though I think we already know the answer.


BT, thanks, I understand they currently can't be integrated (maybe in 6 months for the next vote??????)
but the ig mail seems like a simple way to let players AT LEAST know something is happening
I appreciate the follow through


+1 @Baudin Toolan


Hi all,
This is in regards to the wheel event.

On the app, every time i change screens, select something... basically touch the screen, the "wheel event pop up" flashes up.

This is annoying to say the least. This has the potential to mis-timing for cs or snipe depending what side you are on. You have the icon there on the side of the screen. Isn't that enough? I mean, if i want to play the wheel, i will. Having it rammed down my throat and interfering with my game play is not what i would call ideal.

Can this be looked at with a matter of urgency please Inno? I'm sure it's effecting many players.



You can use this thread to post ideas/concerns that you have concerning the game. The following questions may help you form your post, and will help us determine priority and start discussions, etc.

1. What is your concern / idea?

BUILDING THE WALL - GOLD - limitations.

As with troops build and the 5 min rule make a similar rule for the wall.I recommend 15 min rule.Today if you do EQ and someone is online then the wall is immediately back to 25, that switches or makes the EQ tool too worthless.
A number of limitations should be implemented.

2. Why/How do you think this will improve the game?

If the player is online and you do an attack then you immediately get a wisdom to your ears then you know right away that your EQ has already been undone and then in 75% of the cases the start is canceled.
If you know that the wall is at 22 then you are already going for that revolt, in any case you will have fewer cases that stop attacks, that percentage will go up.

3. If you have a solution, list it. If not, feel free to ask for one.

1: use gold for rebuild the wall impossible if the troops are approaching for 30 minutes before landing, 30 min is up for discussion.
2: If, for example, the wall goes zero, the player can, for example, build up to 20 fast, but only up to level 20 goes higher according to the oldschool.

Note; Be convinced that this will benefit the gameplay, will give more fights because more successful revolts is more CS in the water. More CS is more dead troops more dead troops more rebuild and more spending fun win win for everyone, including INNO.


1. What is your concern / idea?
Start of a world - gold VS oldschool. Finding the perfect mix

2. Why/How do you think this will improve the game?

Today at every start of the server it's simple, gold users buy cities and soldiers and after the protection they steal their city from those who does not abuse so much gold .
Short term this is fun for the gold user and very bad for the oldschool player.But for the game and the server bad news.Good players disappear too quickly from the scene, potential good teams too, and noobs who have never played the game and got hard rimmed that players never sees INNO again. Lost clients.
More survivers first month server, more good teams, more god teams , more troops, more troops more blood, more blood , more gold.

3. If you have a solution, list it. If not, feel free to ask for one.

Give something to the gold user and give something to the oldschool player.The first possibility would be that you can not build troops with gold during the protection period, only the city you can build up fast.
But I think this is not a perfect solution since not everyone starts the game at the same time.
In my opinion perfectly the first week or 3, troops should not be build by gold, cities with the exception of the wall, until wall 20 ofcourse.
After 3 weeks of opening server it can be back to the old golding.


Make it so you can only use so much gold each Day/3 Days/Week.

That way inno still gets their money but it becomes more balanced for the people that dont use that much gold.


can you add a feature that would allow a player to send personal pictures in messages? (from non-online sources)line pic.PNG


Assuming this is relevant/active thread.

1) One click farm on all villages - all city
2) Make Hoplites stronger as attackers
3) Hero to minimize cost/time of archers
4) Build Times/Build Levels
5) Non Farm islands/Closer Islands
6) Cosmetics

1)One click:

We want players to spend more time on building troops team play OP. But instead they have to check their mobile every 10 mins to farm on multiple cities . This is waste of time and in Real life you are always on phone at work, in bus stop, because you have to "Farm". Wives will ask for divorces, employers will fire you and your kids will hate you when you are on phone always. who wants that?

This will help players do an instant click and be done with the farming - additionally we can send a notification saying farms are ready and one click should get us all resources without opening the game(next step of that idea).

2)Hoplites: slow and useless
For now people build them to defend against harpies and griffins. when it comes to attacks - they are slower than slingers/horsmen/chariots and less damage than slingers(range attack 23),Horsmen(blunt 20), chariots(sharp 20) , Hoplites(sharp 16) .
you might as well call it as a defensive unit.

we made every defensing unit cheaper or faster recruitment except archers - they are one of the best defenders when used with some troops - yet very difficult to fund it and slow to get them ready.

4) Build Times:
Many people complain world isnt filling up fast - but i think world isnt expanding fast enough - very often it takes so much time to build a city from scratch. It shouldnt be a case, If a person just grows by building city festivals they shouldnt fall behind after players who get cities only by CQ. Grepolis is a war game and also an economics game(time and resources).

So Either 20 levels of Acad that has same reseracher as currently being done or 30 levels built faster. Ideally i want players to build at least 2 cities (necessary buildings to a reasonable levels) before BP ends.

5)Non Farm islands:
We should completely remove non farm islands . A player colonizes there and makes sure there are no neighbors who attack by land . This should never happen. some people say its important to break WW enemy alliance can colonize and stop you getting closer too. so its fair for both to not have them or have them

Closer islands: I see lots of gaps between islands uneven spacing is an issue with TT (resources/ timing) if we can streamline it would be great.

6) Cosmetics:
Inno can introduce cosmetics (Statues/ Relics/ Attractions) that a player can buy and place it on islands. So it looks attractive at night or any nice animation so everyone can see and admire. Will give more money to Inno - makes players collect toys as gifts completing an achievement (Intead of that profile badge) or just go to shop and buy.

After all its unfair to say the developers should give what we ask but we dont want to pay more. People who are part of the community will happily contribute if this game is protected without crazy amount of events or insta buy etc.
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Alright I'll have a crack at this one :)

1)One click:
I think this wouldn't be easy to do since some cities will have loyalty others won't
And while it's annoying I think that getting 136k res with one click every 10 minutes (speed 4 world with 100 cities with lvl 6 farms, don't play any others currently so only have those numbers) is a little bit too strong. After a certain amount of cities 10 minutes is not feasible anymore so you do 40 which reduces the output and balances it out a bit

2)Hoplites: slow and useless
I actually think hops are quite balanced as together with tris and chariots they're the only (non mythical) versatile units, meaning they should have some drawbacks (less average defense and less offense than other units), but they can be used for both which means they're a really strong unit
The speed usually gets negated with transport ships either way :)

3) Hero to minimize cost/time of archers
Yes please

4) Build Times/Build Levels
Have you tried playing higher speed worlds?
On speed 4 you can get ready for conquest in no time, it's pretty sweet

5) Non Farm islands/Closer Islands
Personally I don't think people care much if non farm islands would go but seems to big of an effort for something not that bad
In Domination they won't count to the end goal so that's something

6) Cosmetics
Have been thinking about this one as well as it would allow for non gold worlds if it brings enough revenue
Problem is implementation
To put things in your own cities is no problem
If you want others to see it on the other hand, the map could get cluttered real quick and I can already sense scripts coming to block those out
Maybe custom unit icons that show up on your attack reports and such, but those would have to be well made to reduce confusion as to which units are attacking


1. Oracle and Library are virtually useless and never built
Speaking as a conquest player here - not sure about revolt
I very rarely see an Oracle and I've seen 1 library in the 2.5 years I've been playing
Oracle: Spot enemy spies even if they are successful. Does not block said spies - mistake some new players make
Library: Gives an additional 12 research points

2. Variety is good
There's 8 special buildings, having only 6 being used ever isn't that great. Changing these two a bit would change up city builds and give more options

3. Proposed changes
These are just a rough draft, I'd love to see some other suggestions

The only scenario I can think of where a Library would be good would be if you take a city with lvl 36 academy, no research points left, not the researches you need and you cannot afford to use culture points to reset them. And even then it's probably not worth sacrificing 15% ship speed boost or 356 pop from baths. Even a Theatre could work in theory since it would give you the points to reset over time
So my idea for the library was to make it a building you want in your city temporarily. It's hard to think of anything that can compete with the other three without being ridiculously strong
New concept
The Library allows you to reset researches without the use of culture points
To balance it maybe make Library resets require the same amount of resources and time as when you research the technology initially
Maybe keep the old effect on top, mostly so the academy of the two people who currently have a library doesn't get negative research points

In theory knowing the enemy is spying on you is good but a few problems
  • They still get the intel without any more effort
  • Keeping a city stacked 24/7 just because of a spy is pretty counterproductive, gets worse as you have more cities with oracles being spied on
  • Really does not compete with more favour, more trade capacity or more defensive strength
New concept
Keep the old effect since it's an interesting concept
Add a cryptography effect, not quite sure about the number that would make it balanced, but I think 25% less silver lost by enemy spies would make it justifiable to build in frontline cities
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