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  1. We need a new game, so i have one for you.

    The story is that a new island has risen from the depths in Iota, Atlantis! The Queen of the isle has offered a reward to the brave soul who can discover why Atlantis sunk in the first place, and why it is in Iota now.

    Following the story, you ask questions to try and solve the mystery. I think you've already guessed that i am going to be the Queen ( of course :p ) i also need a captain of the guard and a heir to the throne to join Team Atlantis in this game, PM me if you want on the team. I'll edit you into this post so everyone knows who you are and can ask questions.

    I know the answers of course, so every 5 posts i will give you a clue. The winner of the game is the one who discovers the secret of Atlantis! It won't be too easy though, the Captain of the Guard and the Heir apparent will be contributing too - but will they post the truth?

    DA DA DUM!

    Captain of the Guard: Payne
    Heir to the Throne: PrincessLozza

    So lets get started shall we? You've all arrived via ship to Atlantis, and you've been greeted in the throne room. I've just delivered to you my request - What has happened?
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  2. That's very cute, Does he has a question?
  3. Jennesis

    Jennesis Guest

    What has happened? Well...we got on a boat thinking it would be just a three hour tour . we're stranded on this desert island of Atlantis. We're wet, tired, and hungry. There's this evil queen (you are evil right?) who wants us to figure out what happened to her island.

    So, tell me evil queen...did the disappearance of Atlantis involve falling down a well and turning a pirate ship wheel thingymobob that made the big bright light turn on? I hear mixing pirate ship wheel thingymobos and really bright light can sink whole islands.

    Is that why Atlantis sunk?

    :pro: and we could just conquer you (evil grin)
  4. As your question has been directed just at myself, i will answer. If i knew what had happened to my fair isle, where we are all good and kind people....then i would not need the help of those who have come here. What i suspect is that someone close to the heart of Atlantis may have done something.
  5. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    There once was a boy named Saki

    He was considered by most to be a Patsi

    The behaviour was grim

    They figured he needed a trim

    No more woopi time for Saki.....


    What where w talking about again... oh yeah questions:

    What was the weather like the day of the island sinking?

    Any noises abound that paticular day?

    May I have a list of all those that made it to the boats before going down to their watery graves?

    Of those on the list any in a paticular foul or peculiar happy mood?
  6. Payne

    Payne Guest

    Most on the island were good. As for the weather, if memory serves me correctly it was clear. The normal sounds of day on a beautiful island home. Birds chirpping, peoplegoing about their daily business I suppose. We were busy getting in our daily training. I wish I could provide you with a list, but alas I do not know of any existing.
  7. (nice post Captain ;) We still need someone to be the heir otherwise the story WILL NEVER END! da da dun! )
  8. Payne

    Payne Guest

    (Thanks Queen :) Hopefully we find an heir soon. lol. Or the story could get lengthy. Which would still be fun)
  9. cabz bii

    cabz bii Guest

    what was going on in the city before it sunk ?

    were there any festivals or victory pressessions ongoing ?
  10. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    So before the island rose in Iota, which world was the island in?
  11. Payne

    Payne Guest

    cabz-If my memory holds true I believe it was at night. I hope curses fall upon the one I left in charge that night. The one time I take my leave for some much needed rest and disaster came upon my fair home. And as far as festivals go, I'm afraid I have no real knowledge of that. I leave that up to my Sgt. at arms as I had too much to worry about with keeping our fair home safe. Once again curse the one I left in charge in myb stead, and curse me for an eternity for allowing this to occur.

    Enas-Before our island rose in the waters of Iota, we were in the land of the dead :)
  12. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    ok smarty: What world were you in before the island sank the first time... (not the transitional phase betwen the worlds)

    Also: Exactly WHO did you leave in charge?
  13. Payne

    Payne Guest

    Enas, first off, sorry, I couldnt help myself on the first reply to you :)

    Anyway, I think that your first question maybe better suited for the Queen. As for who I left in charge, my officer right below me, my Lt.
  14. We were in THE world of course - we were not among the stars!
  15. Payne

    Payne Guest

  16. cabz bii

    cabz bii Guest

    i think the island was in bermuda and got sunk into the triangle

  17. I'm pretty sure it was raining tbf

    The Heir :)
  18. Payne

    Payne Guest

    Well I apologize dear Princess as I was a bit busy trying to make sure our guards were where they were supposed to be. I cant be expected to know the weather on any given day.

    HI LOZZA!! :)
  19. Same old captain, never gets his facts right :p
    Hi Payne! x