Phenomenon - Most Hated?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IceBlade, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. BDG2

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    Jun 29, 2011
    Ha Ha Disk, I knew you would get sucked in eventually.
  2. Have you seen my DBP! lol or UNT's for that matter lol
  3. EnasEllinas

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    Well that is not entirely fair Lozza, if we had a years worth of unescorted land nukes bloating in our harbors the DBP for us may be higher :D

    I do not know it seems our BP is not all too bad since we formed in Sept
  4. disketeer

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    I think this thread may have become relevant again.
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  5. najimur

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    nope. this thread isn't relevant and your post isn't either.

    phenomenon isn't the most hated. i'm keeping my opinion to my self about the most hated :p
  6. EnasEllinas

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    Najimur there are a few thing I am going to say...

    1- This thread is relevant but for reasons that either you do not know of and for sure were not said.

    2- Disk's post is also relevant in that it is talking on a point that again you have 0 bearing on but is quite apparent.

    3- Your opinion that Phenom being or not being the most hated is an opinion not a fact, so stating it as a fact is incorrect.

    4- Your opinion as to what aliance IS the most hated does indeed have 0 bearing in this thread so I am happy to not have to read it.

    NOW, what exactly is DIsk talking about?

    Well as a whole WHY this thread has bearing is who Phenom is currently tangoing with. It seems we have opened up to greater pastures. Let the grazing in those pastures begin.
  7. BDG2

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    Jun 29, 2011
    I would also like to add that 80K points and 7 cities makes you irrelevant.
  8. disketeer

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    Play nice, guys...

    So najimur, does that mean you like Phenomenon? No sarcasm. I am genuinely curious. Or do you know of anybody who likes us? You don't have to give names.
  9. najimur

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    why bring back an old topic from nearly 2 months ago?

    i call that grave digging. what do you call it?
  10. disketeer

    disketeer Guest

    I call it bringing the Phenomenon charm to new places in game. I hope we make things more interesting for everybody.
  11. Lane

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    I call it reviving a topic..Or bumping it..Which this forum needs...So.. Shh... :cool:
  12. mmunite

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    lol BB i think its funny that you think freedom wants ever lasting peace? lol! now thats a laugh! just look at the stats it appears we have started our own war, not to mention winning! (sorry for hijacking the post) lol i think its also pretty funny that you guys sent bad co on us for getting you mad about 4 months ago! not to mention the fact that we are under a total different leadership...i think the funniest part is the merge with payne, who is a good friend of mine! as far as i can recall we didn't "force" him to was more on the lines of his brother and I where having some fights and i asked for all of us to merge..He declined so we said then we shall fight since you keep fighting us..BB come talk to me on iota, maybe we can clear this up.
    sorry for hijacking this...Unlike rooster i can't hijack a forum and get away with it :( i mean really your listening to a feathery guy! :D
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  13. cabz bii

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    i would do what your told najimur ;)

    lane will start shouting and we dont like it when that happens :supermad::supermad: lol

  14. mmunite

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  15. Calamack

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    Nov 27, 2010
    Where is everyone in The Brotherhood now, Ice? Are any of us but you and Enas still in LOTA?
  16. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    Check Phenom in Grepostats... which is a rich lend of old TBE, Evo, Borg...