Top 12 Top 12 Allainces


P and D are not same..
actually p and d have more than meets the eye ;)

try this :cool:

write down the letter p on a piece of paper....

once youve managed to do this....flip that paper 180 degrees and youll see exactly what i mean

or you could do it this way :p

write it on word preferrably font size 80 etc etc and do a handstand and look at the screen....:eek:

they do say your eyes are actually the wrong way round :Angry:


Unless P and D are alliances, try to avoid talking about these wonderful letters in this thread ;)

Btw, could someone update me on the ranks? I have no idea what all alliances are like :)


Top 15:
Rank Alliance Points Players Points/Player
1 Mad Tea Party...........9738757 87 111940
2 D.N.........................7549164 59 127952
3 War Machine.............6734705 71 94855
4 Warriors of Epsilon......6659139 59 112867
5 Dushan The Mighty.....4688648 80 58608
6 Border Marauders........4434248 66 67186
7 Pirate Nation..............3736173 39 95799
8 Titans of Phoenix........3703186 88 42082
9 -Black Watch-...........3256615 76 42850
10 The Grand Zodiacs......3174773 74 42902
11 Death Before Dishonor..3112705 74 42064
12 NOTHING...................2868002 75 38240
13 No Name...................2815575 60 46926
14 Wraith Nation.............1822810 68 26806
15 Resurrection..............1396112 45 31025

1. Mad Tea Party - made a large merge with New Age Phoenix and are now on top.
2. D.N. - made that large merge with Memento Mori a long time ago and fought The Republic. Now, at war with Pirate Nation and No Name, allied with WoE.
3. WM - Merged from Kitten Smashers. Now fighting WoE and to a smaller degree South East Syndicate.
4. Warriors of Epsilon - One of the best alliances on this server IMO. Been on the top 12 since the early days, and stayed there. Have fought countless wars and came out on top. Merged from Coming Soon and W.T.F.R. Anyways, allied with DN, and fighting WM in O54, Bucking Frutal, Dushans, and Titans of Phoenix to the NorthEast, and Nothing, Res, SES, and Coming Soon in O55.
5. Dushan the Mighty - Don't know much about, except fighting WoE, and has an academy alliance.
6. Border Mauraders - Know nothing about them.
7. Pirate Nation - An elite few, with only 39 players, yet have many points. At war with DN.
8. Titans of Phoenix - Don't know much about, except fighing WoE, and has an academy alliance... within an academy alliance, ToP 2 and 3.
9. -Black Watch- - Know nothing about them.
10. Grand Zodiacs - Pacted with DN and NN. Thats about it.
11. Death Before Dishonor - Fighting NN in O46.
12. Nothing - I've watched this alliance fall from the rankings like no other unfortunately. It was 6 the first time I kept notice, and dropped ever since MARKNOBODY left, but don't know what happened to them. Has many members along with an academy alliance. Currently fighting WoE.
13. No Name - Formed from the core of The Republic, and was merged with SES's O46 Division of Mrs. Sativa. Fighting DBD and DN, allied with Pirate Nation, and Grand Zodiacs.
14. Wraith Nation - Know nothing about them.
15. Resurrection - Is falling apart, only about half of their members are active, but primarily located in southeast O55, and fighting WoE too. In many ways, I consider them a sister alliance to South East Syndicate (Number 16). (In my opinion anyway but who cares :p)

Edit: Made a few corrections, especially War Machine.
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Lol....Might as well say WOE Vs. think were mentioned to be fighting almost everyone.

Nicely done as well. Good to see another ranking posted here then spam.


WM -here since the beginning check the first sides here. never merged with W.T.F.R. W.T.F.R disband on a sudden when they knew that a war was coming. Many of them joined WoE but most of them stopped playing. However there is a merger on going

oh and I forgot: They are not at war with SES so far. only some latest recruits wanted a war with them although a ceasefire was negotiated. they could not handled it and left WM
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While we both wage war with NN, we are not allies with DN. Not to be confused :p


Many of them joined WoE but most of them stopped playing.
- Many or a few? I remember it as being just a few... :p

oh and I forgot: They are not at war with SES so far. only some latest recruits wanted a war with them although a ceasefire was negotiated. they could not handled it and left WM
- WM is pretty good at making diplomatic deals with everyone so they dont fight arent they?


a) That's a kind of definition thing but I count about 6

b) They dont fight you should know better ;)


b) They dont fight you should know better
- They fight when the odds are stacked on their side but would they actually go and fight to take their own ocean or fight against real odds? Nope...They wait till they have 3 other alliances banding with them then make deals with the rest so they dont fight.
Thats what I was getting at


This whole story is more complex than everything else.
howsoever things will take more time as people are accustomed here in sigma


I wondered who was conquering who in the main alliances and came up with the following 'heat map' which shows conquests by the top 13 alliances against other top 13 alliances in the last month (14th June to 13th July).

So for example: Warriors of Epsilon have taken 44 cities off NOTHING (a red hotzone !), wheras NOTHING have taken 7 off Warriors of Epsilon (a yellow warmzone).

I was surprised just how much conquest activity is 'internal' ! (shown blue).
The big alliances make sure they keep their current cities first !
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I'm not surprised by the number of internal conquests. you have to take the inactives or the players who quit before the enemy does.. also some players don't like 2 cities on 1 island so if they take an enemy city they'll hand it off.


Considering the massive allied coalition of a lot of alliances against WoE, I'd say them. Although they may not be allied, they have a common target: WoE

1. War Machine
2. Dushan the Mighty (along with Legion of Dushan)
3. Titans of Phoenix (along with ToP 2 and ToP 3)
4. Nothing (along with Nothing2)
5. South East Syndicate
6. Resurrection
7. Bucking Frutal
8. Remnants of other wars and merges