Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP


1. Imperials: 19 mil Points. Currently Control OC:36,45,46,47,56,57 and south of O55. As it is my alliance, I'll refrain from saying much here, but one thing to keep in mind is that we are currently the biggest coalition in numbers count which gives us the edge on the player drop-out rate that has yet to come in the upcoming days.
PnP: Last move was the merge with Im telling mummy which was more of a strategic move to reinforce our two alliances to contest the No.2 Thermopylae.
Can't see much going bad for us from here: SWIM

2. Thermopylae: 15.4 Mil Points.
Currently Scattered all around the northern Oceans without really have a core ever since they broke off from Mayhem to create a single alliance. A good group of players within them where most of them are fighters, so I hope we will give each other our run for the money at least. But before doing anything they need to settle down on making and reinforcing a strong core if they want to have a chance in the end-game of the WW stage.
PnP: Breaking off from the Mayhem was obviously pre-planned for a while now as a move to stabilize their alliance and make a list of players they want to keep for end-game. I must say I didn't expect this so early to happen and disagree with the timing but not the move itself. I can't see much going bad for this group either unless both Mayhem and REPO and Mayhem decide to fight them for the control of the north. SWIM

3. HEROES: 9 mil points.
Conrol OC: South 63, 64, fight for 65 and half of the 70's extensions. A good group that has been holding out for now due to their position and generally staying out of the main fighting. You can call them Switzerland of Mesembria. Due to their position I see 2 possible outcomes for them. They will either continue to stay out of interest zone for both Imperials and Mayhem or eventually sink if decide to actively take actions against us to move closer to the core. Either way it will be a very long battle that would eventually be settled by yet another merge due to the nature of this slow world(lack of slots kills the fun). FLOAT
PnP: Not much to say here as their passive nature disallow any real analysis. In the past they used to back-up Mayhem while they were smaller to ensure their safety. Time will tell for this group along how the war with Atlantis goes.

4. Mayhem: 8.8 mil points.
Don't have a real core and also scattered around north and is basically a mini-me version of Thermopylae. Surprisingly I must say that they jumped back on their feet after losing top players rather well. The lack of core is a big problem if they want to pursue late game. I can either see them pacting Thermopylae and staying in war with Imperials, or eventually split into 2 parts and merge their southern players into us while abandoning whatever is left up north to merge into REPO or something along those lines.
PnP: New Leadership, New Start, same enemies and allies. As previously stated both Thermopylae nor Mayhem can afford to fight each other so I am guessing they will stay in pact for a while now to focus on fighting Imperials rather than each other. Not yet, but eventually right when end-game preparations begin the alliance will due to merges SINK

5.ATLANTIS: 6.5 mil points.
Controls Oceans 66, 76 and fights the 65. A good rim alliance that have proven themselves in the past few weeks by beating Heroes down on the south of O65. I don't see much hard to them and only smooth sailing from now on with occasional quarrel here and there with Heroes over O65.
PnP: Not much here except that they are in a long-term NAP with Imperials which keeps them very safe. SWIM

6. REPO: 5.9 Mil points.
Controls: 42,43,52, north of 53 and north of 33. Generally THE most interesting rim alliance on this world currently. They seem to be pushing hard in the past months and really fought their way through everything thrown at them. Overall a successful alliance that will once again stay out of interest of the top 2 alliances due to their positioning and the fact that Thermopylae can't afford to have them on their backs as well.
PnP: As things progressed over last 2 months, and few major changes such as breaking of Mayhem and current merge of ITM changed a thing or two, I see the only way REPO can contest the top 2 alliances is to fight their way slowly to the core by merging with the current Mayhem. SWIM

7. Western Order: 3 mil points.
Based in western oceans mirroring Heroes. A small rim alliance that seems to have put up quite a beating for the past month from Mayhem. I must say I expected them to sink, but they managed to stay alive and well. I don't see much end-game with them as their position disallows them to merge in somewhere, but definitely a good position to have fun at least.
PnP: Not much to say here once again as they don't participate in big fights. They seem to have wanted to side with Imperials and ITM when the war broke out, but current state is unknown. SINK/FLOAT

Not much else to say for more alliances so I'll end it here in terms of rankings.

Ongoing Fights:

Thermopylae and Imperials. Too Early to Say Anything. Will become a center of attention soon.

Imperials Winning vs Mayhem Losing. Primary objective for the imperials have been O55 that was the main battle-zone for the past 2 months. Ever since Mayhem got separated they have been losing cities in the O55 by a little faster margin than before.

Atlantis Winning vs Heroes Losing Have in mind that this is all happening up down on the far south of O65 where most of top Heroes players aren't based in, so not a realistic representation, but still very impressive considering how smaller ATLANTIS is.

Honorable Mentions: REPO cleaning the Myrmidons and HK up north. Not really a fight so not worth much looking into.
Final Thoughts: Personally I view this world like a very unique one in a way that it isn't filled with top Grepo Players like some more competative worlds are, but still has a decent amount of skilled players. The only reason we don't have a much more exciting news weekly is the world speed that disallows massive ops due to slot limits. However even with all the drawbacks it managed to surprise from time to time, so looking forward to see the outcome of the crown here.
Future Updates coming when needed.



Look at Western Order, Repo and even HEROEs. Repo and Western Orders top players are 50% former Mayhem. While heroes grew a couple hundred thousand in ocean 54,53,63.


Mayhem has disappeared;
Thermo, Heroes, Western Order are growing,
So I am waiting for new list and new discussions.


Updated List. This list will be primary concerning changes that Mayhem's dissolution made and will focus on the northern regions.

1. Imperials: 21.7 Mil points. Once again as it is my own alliance, I'll refrain from giving too much info here. Not much change concerning us from my previous list. After the merge with ITM, our members have settled down and started working as a complete one, so based on that I don't see big changes in the upcoming months except the occasional quarrel of O45 where the 2nd alliance Thermopylae has a few cities along with O55 that is contested. SWIM

2. Thermopylae: 18.6 Mil points. Main and only competitors to the Imperials at this point, but unlike us they are lacking a concrete core as mentioned which they have to work on. I see things slowly settling down between us where both alliances focus on early preparations on the WW rather than taking cities offensively. (More info concerning Thermopylae in the upcoming REPO and Western Order). They seem to have lost one of their top players Hoplite Nuke that based on the oracle is starting to get internalized. Overall a good group of players that in my opinion have good offensive leadership, but bad defensive and long-term planning leadership.

3. Heroes: 10.6 Mil points. This group seem to become irrelevant to both Imperials and Thermopylae due to their positioning and lack of interest of both top 2 alliances. They have occasional fight with Atlantis on the far east south, but despite that they have a very solid core and are staying outside of everything ever since Mayhem dissolved. Potential competitors for the WW if their players stick around for that long since they have a solid core. SWIM

4. REPO: 8.8 Mil points. Here it where it gets really interesting. REPO has taken quite a few Mayhem players that allowed them to grow a couple of mil in size and their core players are good at what they do and seem to have carried their alliance so far. The problem that every single alliance has is when their top fighters start to slow down their slot gain is what REPO has been experiencing. They were never involved in a big war, but rather bullied out the small alliances to reinforce their core that is fairly stable up on the far north. They seem to have been in a losing war against Western Order and to prevent stats they seem to kick players they deem not to be "worthy" and about to lose their cities. Not sure how much I like their approach, but I must say they pulled one on everyone ever since they started and managed to stay outside of interest. A group of opportunists at the best that seem to have played good diplo with everyone to keep them self save till now. We'll see what happens if Thermopolyae is smart enough to realize that they need to push further north to make a core rather than play tug of war with Imperials to have a chance at WW stage. Another issue this alliance may be facing is how well will they defend vs Western Order. FLOAT

5. ATLANTIS: 8.1 Mil points. A group located far south east that recently merged in a small rim alliance Mallorean Empire. Their main competitor are HEROES in that area. They are growing steadily and smartly without any real competition due to the fact that most HEROES fighters are more up north. not much change here from the last post. They are long-term partners to Imperials which grants them access to the monopoly that we have over the south. They seem to be more of a group that wants to have fun and tries to stay outside of any major diplomatic decisions and coalitions, so not sure what their long-term plans are or if they even exist at this point. Good and trust-worthy leadership that never back-stabbed, lied or tried to selfishly gain anything from themselves-SWIM

6. Western Order: 7.2 Mil points. The main competitors to REPO at this moment and they seem to have been winning by taking ex-Mayhem cities that went to REPO till now. They grew exponentially and took majority of old Mayhem members into them that allowed them to go from a unnoticeable rim alliance to an actual long-term variable. They have a good leadership in my opinion and only time will tell how well will they use it. It would be interesting to see the diplomatic approach this alliance will take with both Thermopylae and Imperials long-term. Their involvement is going to become real in the upcoming months if they make the right choices. SWIM
Current Events: Due to the new event Grepolympia, I see not much offensive action happening between Imperials and Thermopylae due to the crazy def boost this event gave to both alliances. I see a big race in the final part of the event which gives attack % boost that will be a major factor once the def boost expires.

REPO & Thermopylae seem to be in a NAP which once again allows REPO to follow up on their opportunistic goals which in my opinion will lead to their demise eventually as they won't stay outside of everyone's interest zone.

Western Order & Imperials are also in a NAP which allows Western Order to grow as well without having to worry about us in the south west and fight REPO.

Final Conclusions: I will soon in about a month-time start making a WW prediction post due to the limitations to only 6 real alliances currently existing in our slow little world. Although Imperials and Thermopylae are the two main world competitors at the moment, I expect most interesting statistics to arise from Western Order and REPO war in the upcoming month.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any comments below to raise this forum from the dead lol. :)




I am on vacation mode so I cant really say anything about the current state of affairs, Ill be back soon though ;) but I have some issues with this post Virdian.

My biggest issue is where you're getting your figures putting your point total above Thermopylae, by my calculations you should be closer to around 18mil and that spread across 4x the players of Thermopylae. If you could back those numbers with facts... not "alternative facts" ;) Id appreciate that.

Also REPO "They seem to have been in a losing war against Western Order and to prevent stats they seem to kick players they deem not to be "worthy" and about to lose their cities"

Um have you looked at the map? In fact im going to go so far as to link the map: Okay obviously mistakes were made, but losing cities that are 2 oceans away from your core, and kicking these players makes perfect sense. It was a mistake to invite them but it isnt about worthiness or statistics its about positioning.

Also come on WW is still ages away.... there is plenty of time for everything to change ;)

Looking forward to being back in a few days guys :)


HI Corsair :), not sure if you know, Imperium, Imperius and Invictus are all a part of the Imperials family and their total score adds up to the number posted above.
Concerning REPO comments, I have a problem with asking someone to join your alliance and then kicking him out 2 days after cause they got attacked. Then in the first place, you shouldn't have even invited them if they were 2 oceans away and put a target on their backs ^^


Ah i must have overlooked it, my apologies :D

I appreciate the write up Virdian only way I can stay updated on current affairs while on vacation :)