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I didn't know how Mayhem died after Thermo was created. If the remaining Mayhem members had been killed by Imperials, then it would have been legitimate. But again, I wasn't following this, so I didn't know.
Hi, i was a Mayhem member and here is the story about Mayhem, as i can remember.

When it was morning in Moscow, i noticed that the best players form Mayhem and Mayhem Incarnate had formed a new alliance.
Then one of our remaining leaders had organized us and we had some good OPs against I'm telling mummy
After ITM and Imperials had merged, our leaders told us that Mayhem would be dissolved, and active players would get invites from Thermo and Heroes
WO leaders took the inicitiative and picked up some good players from mayhem

that's all thanks for attention


Yeah, Zashy story is true. Mayhem spanned way too many oceans and we still had 70-80 active players. Although Thermo picked up the best of the best in 44/54/45/55 region. The best players from the original IA and (besides maybe the top 5-10: Old Man, delboy, Simple, jredge etc.) and the northern half of Mayhem (43/53) were still in Mayhem. Clearly the western half of Mayhem could have survived as an alliance, and the northern half too (about the same size of REPO at the time Mayhem first formed) but the eastern/"core" half was all but done. When the alliance broke apart what happened was the best 43/53 players joined REPO (many had already being joining before), nearly doubling their size and propelling them to a Top 5 alliance. some of the 54/55 stragglers went inactive or joined HEROES and REPO. Then most of the guys in 34/33/35 joined WO and a few like me got the honor to join Thermo.


Ok - I will have a shot at it...

I will report by known Pact Groups in the top 10 Alliances though as the alliance lines are quite blurry...

1. Thermopylae / REPO / Heroes 69M Points GAIN 13%
This pact appears strong, unified and working as a team to grow in 3 directions, they now control a solid block of the NE Quadrant and working out from there.

2. Imperium / Atlantean Empire / Atlantis Imperials / ImperiAtlantisMallorean 37M Points GAIN 3%
Despite losses to the large pact above, they have managed to stay strong and hold their own... their losses have been supplemented with gains and they are still fighting hard with absolute control of anything below O36

3. Heavenly Myrmidons / Heavenly Wolf 5M GAIN Unknown %
This alliance has grown from the joining of forces and demise of WO has become the only remaining fight in the west.

4. C.A.N.C.E.R. 600k NEW
This is a break away from the demise of Imperials, with only 3 players, it is impressive to be a top 10 alliance on their own... we watch keenly what will happen here...

-------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY ----------------------------------------------------------------
The world is in a state of flux there are shifts in the alliances and power base happening and Imperials and Atlantis appear to be ready for a merger while other smaller alliances continue to spring up around the rims some of which have gained long standing players who are not at the rim, or are feeding and growing on the multitude of players that seem to ghost in slow worlds... Only time will tell the outcome of this, but there is definitely some strong alliance pacts, it will be interesting to see how well those pacts last.


Well - the world has certainly shifted...

I will report by known Pact Groups in the top 10 Alliances though as the alliance lines are quite blurry...

1. Thermopylae 33M Points STAGNANT
After deciding to break pact with REPO, they have now put them in a position of being in the centre of the map, surrounded on all sides... only time will tell the outcome of this... but it is likely to be a major war for them on all fronts...

2. Rest of the world... 82M Points STAGNANT
All the other top 9 alliances are now united in a single effort to kill Thermopylae...

-------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY ----------------------------------------------------------------
I don't think I can state much more than this... it will be an interesting game, you essentially have 100 large older players versus a little over 500 players in 9 alliances... it should be an interesting game if nothing else for the next few months!
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