Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP


Players were kicked from REPO for two reasons - spying and failing to post anything in the defense tabs when losing cities and failing to give a reason for this.


No one gave us any info about you and really wouldn't have made any difference in our war,on the other hand we had one leaving us for you guys just because he wants a crown and hit VM cause he is in the war zone,good luck with that one!


Not necessarily referring to recent kicks mate, those are just the reasons we've had this far for kicking players. that and inactivity, obviously.


No one gave us any info about you and really wouldn't have made any difference in our war,on the other hand we had one leaving us for you guys just because he wants a crown and hit VM cause he is in the war zone,good luck with that one!
Nah, I had personal stuff come up. Nice try though.


It's not harsh, I just want people who want to help stimulate the world forums have a go at the Top 12. I am just trying to encourage you by saying I'll do one if you do one!


I don't feel confident in doing one myself. But whoever does one should factor in HEROES' academy of sorts, when they discuss HEROES.


Sorry if I missed something obvious in your 3 letter post, but what were you trying to say?


I'll try to do a short one. :)

1. Thermopylae 30 M SWIM
After the merge with WO, the leading alliance of this world became even bigger and is the first to reach 30 M points. They are winning the war with Imperials in 45/55. Backed by REPO and HEROES, they'll continue to push towards south with success. Highest ABP.

2. Imperials 26 M SWIM / Float
Although losing cities to top alliance, they are mighty powerhouse, dominating the South & SW. Split in 2 main alliances, their strength is in the number of their members, as this world is slow and many are giving up.

They grew bigger after the merge with WO. No real challenge for them right now. Maybe they are spread a little bit more than needed.

Fighting Atlantis in 65/75 with success after initial setback. Good core, second best ABP and average per city.

5. Atlantis 12 M SWIM / Float
They are growing steadily and are managing to keep the point distance to HEROES, though being pushed down south.


Nice to see a new face doing one. :) And nice to see so much swimming. (Well, I wish HEROES would sink, but that's a wish, not a fact. ;))

One slight correction is that I believe that HEROES totals up to almost 15 million points, if you include Old Battle Scars, which is effectively an academy for HEROES.

(EDIT: I also wish that REPO would stick to the way their profile implies that they do diplomacy, rather than pacting with the two biggest alliances near them. Not saying it isn't a good strategy, but it is hardly what their profile implies.)


Well - it seems some interesting changes have happened... the world is really split into three the way it seems now...

Alliance 1: Thermopylae / REPO / Heroes (all growing)

Alliance 2: Imperials (who seem to have imploded) / Atlantis (who seem to have picked up the implosion) / Heavenly (who seem to be pacting with anyone who hates REPO)

Others: Those who have joined smaller alliances or no alliance and are generally being eaten...

It all makes for an interesting situation...
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It's certainly interesting. While Imperials haven't exactly imploded, Team 1 (HEROES/Thermo/REPO) still has the advantage, mainly because they are the 3 biggest alliances, and all insist on hugging each other up North. There's barely any fighting up in the Northwest that I know of, except for the odd skirmish between HEROES and Atlantis in O73.

Credit to HEROES and Thermo though, for actually fighting big wars rather than just continually running after an alliance that you have beaten the parts of before, and hugging anyone else nearby, which is what REPO is doing.

I suppose I should give credit to REPO for being very good at diplomacy, but given their supposed attitude to diplomacy that they expressed at the start, and all the promises of taking on everyone (including Mayhem, who they pacted with after a very short period of fighting), I think I'm just disappointed in them. :(


Repo is doing its share of fighting... we just aren't making a big deal of it...

We have 7 of the top 50 attackers in the world... Atlantis with all its members and multiple alliances only has 5... of course Therm has 27 of them... but they are very much dominating...


Explain this then, if you will:

Extract from REPO's alliance profile.
Our policy is to settle repurchase agreements for your high turnover cities to increase our net profitability."

REPO's pacts:
- Thermopylae - Rank 1
- HEROES - Rank 3

Major alliances that REPO are fighting:
- Heavenly Myrmidons - Rank 8
- Heavenly Wolf - Rank 9

So you are basically avoiding fighting anyone higher than 8th place on the alliance rankings. I believe that one of your original founders/leaders (reproduction, I think) claimed that REPO would attack Mayhem and win, and would basically fight everyone. Instead, after only a couple of weeks of skirmishes with them, you pacted with them. You pacted with HEROES shortly after telling at least one alliance that you saw HEROES as food and would not do any diplomacy with them.

We have 7 of the top 50 attackers in the world
It's not that hard to get a good ABP score on the rim if you continually pick on alliances that are smaller or weaker than you. Let's look at REPO's rankings for points and different types of BP.

Points: 2nd
Total BP: 5th
ABP: 3rd
DBP: 7th

So looking at it, your alliance is ranked higher for points than it is for any BP category. That's not usually the sign of an alliance that does a tonne of fighting.

In summary, my points are these:
- Your profile implies that you would much rather fight than hug. Yet you are hugging the 1st and 3rd alliances, and only really fighting the 8th and 9th alliances out of the top teams.
- Your leaders stated here on the externals that you would thrash Mayhem, yet you pacted with them after a very short period of skirmishing on what was Mayhem's weak front.
- Your leaders said that you saw HEROES as food and would wipe them out of the northern oceans. You pacted with them shortly afterwards, with very little fighting between the two of you.
- You have 7 of the top 50 attackers in the world, yet your alliance cannot match it's point rankings for Total BP, ABP or DBP. HEROES has fewer players, but the same number in the Top 50 attackers, and more of those are higher up within the Top 50.

In my opinion, you should either change your profile so that you stop lying about your attitude to diplomacy, or keep your profile, live up to the early promises and actually pick some big wars rather than cuddling Thermopylae and HEROES like your favourite teddy bears. :)


I see your point... but - we were not second when those pacts were made... we have grown into that position... and lets face it, the only people a war with Therm or Heroes benefits is... you!

Yes, if REPO went to war, the winners out of it would be the alliances fighting Heroes and Therm... because Atlantis and Imperials are nice and cozy together in the south... it would be just like me saying to you why don't you all stop forming multiple alliances, pick 100 players form a single alliance and kill off the rest... we don't tell you how to run your alliance or diplomacy... you shouldn't tell us how to do ours...


Actually, it would benefit everyone except the alliance that you went to war with. You do realise, that once they think Imperials and Atlantis are damaged enough not to win, Thermopylae will turn on both you and HEROES, either one at a time, or at the same time if they think they can pull it off. They already have the team that they want for WWs.

And you're avoiding the point on the pacts. Even when you were further down the rankings, your leadership bragged about how they would thrash Mayhem, and told at least one alliance that they saw HEROES as food, yet they pacted with both alliances after very little fighting. Whether or not you were 2nd at the time, bragging that you can easily beat the big alliances, and then pacting with them and avoiding any fight bigger than Heavenly Myrmidons, is a disappointment. Your leadership made a lot of boasts and claims that they, quite frankly, have not fulfilled.

- They would thrash Mayhem - nope, pacted with them, then pacted with Thermopylae as soon as they could after it had formed.
- They saw HEROES as food - nope, pacted with them.
- They would swarm south and show all the big alliances how to fight - nope, stayed in the far north due to being boxed in by pacts they said they wouldn't make, except for the western rim, where you absorbed Western Order rather than continuing to fight them.

You have a valid point. Maybe we should cut down. But again, I direct you to my inspiration from these posts:
- REPO's alliance profile where they basically claim that they won't do diplomacy.
- REPO's claim that they would thrash Mayhem.
- REPO's claim that they saw HEROES as food and wouldn't pact with them.
- REPO's claim that they would come South show every big alliance how to fight.

Your leadership has made all of those claims, and yet they have failed to fulfil every single one of those claims. They did diplomacy, they pacted with Mayhem and HEROES, and they have only really moved south in one area, by absorbing Western Order, rather than fighting their way down South.

Imperials, Atlantis, the other alliances that helped form the Atlantis as we see it now (Drunk 2 Death, Mallorean Empire and Diehards, to name a few). None of these alliances ever claimed a no-diplomacy approach, or boasted about crushing an alliance and then pacted with them instead. But REPO did. If REPO had not made those claims, then my feelings wouldn't be nearly as strong. (I would still be a bit annoyed about the way you're avoiding the big North vs South war, but I not as annoyed as I am now). But your leadership has said again and again that they won't do diplomacy, and that they would crush these other alliances. And they have done the exact opposite.

How about you explain why REPO has failed to live up to the claims made by its leaders, and is avoiding fighting the top few alliances/alliance families? (Not just your pacts, but you are avoiding coming south to fight against us as well. Even the incompetent player you took in after he was rejected by HEROES has run North rather than staying to fight us. :))


Your making all these claims about what REPO has said... I saw none of that... so sorry, its meaningless to me... to me it just seems like a rant...

I am not saying your claims are not legitimate, but the past is in the past... your claims are like saying, the British should not have aided the French in WW1 & 2 because they were enemies before... the past is the past what matters is now...

As for avoiding you, we are still taking cities and growing, your argument does not make any sense... if you can buy McDonalds in your suburb do you travel to the other side of the world to buy it? No, you only travel there when there is no more food to be eaten where you are... When REPO runs out of food in the North, then we would naturally attack you as an enemy of our ally... and you have no idea about what support we are providing those allies...if we had a border, we would be fighting I am sure, but we don't, so all your ranting is designed to provoke a war, which again mainly benefits you... I still see no logical argument from you that in any way makes a case for why our alliance should attack.