Rate the Player Above


Points: 5/10 Shows you play the game well but not too much.
BP: 2/10 You have twice the amount of DBP than ABP and both are quite low.
Position:9/10 Everything seems nice and secure where you are.
Alliance: 9/10 I hear a lot about them though I've never personally encountered them being on the other side of the world.
Reputation: 10/10 I've heard a lot about you.


Uber Lord

Points: 7/10 Good points. But not top 100, so 7 is good enough
BP: 7/10 You have mainly ABP and 37000 means something.
Position:5/10 I don't know much about your oceans.
Alliance: 5/10 Something of a MRA, but with a bunch of very good players (the ex-Hornets especially are great attackers).
Reputation: 4/10 I don't know much about you.


Points: 9/10 230k points good average city points
BP: 8/10 almost 60k ABP only 100 DBP though
Position: 9/10 don't know all that much about 66 but has very strong presence there
Alliance: 9/10 strong and good average
Reputation: 7/10 don't know you but you are 2nd in 66 so your probably pretty good


Points: 7/10 seems to have been pretty inactive before starting a decent growth in the last 2.5 weeks.(46k to 105k)
BP: 7/10 but that's mainly because of what you've done lately, else I would have given you a 3 ;-)
Position: 6/10 decent enough, quite close distance to all cities, time to expand.
Alliance: 9/10 strong and good average
Reputation: 6/10 if you keep up the attacking in the way you have lately it will raise to a good 8 or 9 :)


Points: 8/10 ...270k which is more than me.
BP: 8/10 attacking mainly. You have never been tested.
Position: 8/10 ... you rule your area.
Alliance: 6/10 your alliance smells like MRA. Give you 6 because I am unsure otherwise it would have been 2-3.
Reputation: 5/10. Never heard of you probably because of your location in relation to me.



Alright, lets see...

Points: 9/10 - Over 11K per city. Nice.
BP: 8/10 - 80K total, but only 7 and change on defense.
Position: 7/10 - Top 5 in your ocean, other than that, not sure
Alliance: 8/10 - #4 with only 74 players. Solid.
Reputation: 5/10 - Never heard of you, but I'm not familiar with your location.



Points: 6/10-only 10 citys with a nice avarege points
BP: 6/10-not many BP but most of all are attack BP so nice
Position:5/10 ocean 26? i dont get many news from that ocean 2 quite ;)
Alliance:6/10 looks like an MRA but some good players
Rep:3/10 nope never heard of you ....sorry :p

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Points: 8/10 about what I have and I consider that a fair amount

BP: 9/10 Good amount of BP

Position: 5/10 this would be a great spot if you weren't around so many expanding alliances

Alliance: again 5/10 Like the smallness of it but based on where you are it could get rough

Rep: 6/10 I know you but only through old alliances and thats just seeing your name attached to a post


Baudin Toolan:

Points: 8/10, more than most but not high enough to be an "elite"
BP: 8/10, very good attack BP, but yet to see how you perform under pressure while being attacked.
Position: 7/10, relatively safe, lots of close support and allies.
Alliance: 9/10, like s slightly less good version of Liq
Rep: 6/10, I know you well (because of marauders), and you are quite active in forums, but I don't know about your rep outside of that.

Total: 39/50



Points: 4/10 by pure numbers should be a little lower but taking into consideration how much your building
BP: 8/10 good on the defensive side but the offensive is a little low
Position: 6/10 your building a very solid foundation but looks to be resource limiting with your current tact, I am also unaware of the political situation so that is a variance im not taking into consideration.
Alliance: 5/10 small but active in a very busy ocean, dont know much about it other than that
Rep: 8/10 Well known poster here on the forums and I would venture by gaining 50k Defensive BP in two days you are known to both your enemies and allies very well.

Total 31/50
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I am also unaware of the political situation so that is a variance im not taking into consideration.

Yah I was completely obliterated earlier (as seen in the 50,000 DBP you mentioned :p) so coming out the other side with enough BP for almost 20 cities, and only having 2 cities, I decided to turtle and then expand from there haha.


Getting back on Topic, someone please rate Cactus God, please give a reasonably detailed explaination.



Points: 7/10 Good, but not great. (would have been rated higher if you were futher away from the centre)
BP: 8/10 Very good, you have shown to be a good defenders(or you just have a lot of alliance mates helping you :p ), but besides that your attack BP could be better, when compared to your defence BP. So yeah try and attack some more :p
Position: 6/10 Like i said, one of the older regions. They tend to be a little more stable, though when a war comes it will be a brutal one. There is always the fear of being sandwidched by newer alliances from outside the core and a core alliance.
Alliance: 7/10 Good alliance, but i hope you guys can keep up the growth, to compensate for the people that quit or spend less time on grepolis.
Rep: 7/10 Dont know you in any negative way, so that's probably a good thing :eek:



Points: 6/10 Average Points (could be more)
BP: 7/10 Average BP (good relativly balanced between DBP and ABP)
Position: 8/10 good relativly close citys that can pe supported quickly if atacked
Alliance: 7/10 - I don't realy know about it but as i could see they got good average points not to many members so it's probably easyer to control and coordinate members and also preaty good points.
Rep: 6/10 I never heard of you but wile you are ranked 7th in your ocean probably you got some rep. there.




Points: 7/10 fairly good points
BP: 8/10 Good ABP
Position: 6/10 average postion really
Alliance: 9/10 A good alliance that is doing well in your war
Rep: 7/10 Heard a little bit about you and its all good :)



Points: 6/10 Fairly good and you have brocken the 100000 mark.
BP: 6/10 relatively low BP levels though I've got to commend the 20:1 ABP:DBP :)
Position: 9/10 Your alliance seems to dominate your area and you are no.1 in your ocean.
Alliance: 5/10 Seems like a decent alliance though you are only in the academy :( If you got to the big leagues that score would rise significantly.
Rep: 7/10 I haven't heard much about you but what I have is all great.


Uber Lord
Points: 8/10 I'm lazy so I divide your rank by ten and round up. Usually ends up at a reasonable score :p
BP: 7/10 You need more BP mon, but it's still nothing to laugh at. As in it's still pretty good.
Position: 8/10 Better than mine :D
Alliance: 3/10 Led by an annoying braggart, not a fan of them.
Rep: 6/10 Everyone misunderstands you, and you misunderstand us :p

@below: Everywhere? Seriously? I don't remember posting that much, I just remember trying to revive a few good threads :p
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Z Grade

Points: 5/10 you have less than 100000

BP: 6/10 Not vary muck BP but mainly attacking so thats good

Position: 7/10 Not the best out there

Aliance: 8/10 Good player piont average

Rep: 8/10 you are everywere in the Theta forums, but i haven't herd of you in game



points: 6/10 well, it could be better you know ;)
BP: 7/10 you are good at attacking, but not so good at defending :p maybe someone should attack you :p
position: 6/10 for my taste, not so good....
alliance: 9/10 we all know who alliance x is.... very good alliance :)
rep: 4/10 men, i didn't hear a word from you.....



points: 5/10, under 100k so you could improve
BP: 5/10 mostly attack BP but not enough. You could improve as well.
position: 7/10 not bad
alliance: 8/10 Very good alliance but too many members for my taste
rep: 5/10 I don't really know you