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The rawr

sa obzirom da ste izgubili kosovsku bitku, morate i vi nesto da pobedite.
First, this is EN server, use English. You are responsible because you started it.
Second, as usual you are not even in this server. You are insignificant here and your opinion doesn't matter unless you are hiding under a different name. Stop commenting on something(Balkan Boyz) about which you got no idea at all.
Third, yes, I understand you need some attention too as you have never won anything significant in remembered past at all. Better use your talking skills here on some other topic and not Balkans.
Fourth, don't make a fool of yourself.

This is a joke Leathal, dont take it seriously. Did you find these pointed comments of mine about you funny enough? If not, please don't initiate talks about the quoted topic again.

P.S>> Oh! another funny thing I just learned from a friend that others call you as Poodle-Bacon in game. Not me, others. Thought of sharing it here too.
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Pete Dunham

Lethal Bacon kind of reminds me of Randall, in the sense of youd be crazy to take him seriously. just a loud mouth lunatic, this one tho ,was smart enough to not enter the world so we couldnt kick him off his high horse ;)


@The rawr @Pete Dunham

you 2 must be dumb as 2 rocks :)

firstly i dont give a flying crap if this is EN server or not, i wrote it like that because i wanted to flame only serbs, so what you think or say means absolutely nothing as it always does.

secondly i have been in the world since day 1 and i know pretty much everything that is going on.

third smildon was right, i have played with balkan team in the past and i can attest to how many holes and crap players they have, so what pete says about them "kicking me off my high horse" is a joke considering im more active than about 90% of their team not to mention that about half of them dont even use alarm during the day... no need to speak about night alarm..

and fourth rawr, if i decided to play this morale crap world seriously i would have steam rolled it as per usual and been in top 5/10 out of everything as per usual, even if i started playing hard now im pretty sure i can catch up to everyone and still be better than most of balkan guys not to mention you lol.