Your noobiest mistake


i think creating my account was the worst mistake i have ever made :(

well that doesn't really count...

my 2nd worst mistake was attacking with 250 slingers 200 archers (lol noob alert :p) and since i was attacking someone on another guessed it! i sent only transport boats no light ships.



when I started I usualy played at school on library's computers... I saved my password trusting that nobody at school were playing grepolis

then, 2 or 3 days later I was trying to farm and the resources didn't come... I was pillaging something like 10 wood, 15 stone, 8 silver
a week after that I went to school studying for an exam and saw a guy playing grep... I punched him half to dead and as a revenge, I conquered his town

1 day later I was banned by multi acc (he denouced me:))


I once send all my troops to attack a enemy...With NO LS nor BR... well i guess everyone should know already what happend.

P.S.I only had i city,after i saw all my troops gone in the sea i got depressed and stopped playing for 1 month lol:)

Myrmidon King

My noobiest mistake was sending my first 6 Swordsmen to a 175 point city. I lost them all! :'(

Then I made the same mistake and sent 30 more swordsmen at the city and lost almost all of them.


Reading all of these funny stories, it makes me actually look forward to my first official "blunder", which I know is impending because, as I have stated multiple times, this is my first week in playing and I could be easily fooled. Also, I don't know what any of the abbreviations that you guys use are, so I guess I'll have to learn 'em the hard way.

Die Xerxes

My noobiest mistake was making my cities completely mixed when I had 4 cities. Go to love having 200 swords, 200 archers, 400 slingers, 5 mantis, and 10 catapults in a city to attack the enemy, also escorted by biremes :p

daizans fanclub

I thought Valzer is a gentleman.This was a huge mistake.


oh and joining an alliance with mutzzy as leaders lol nooby ;) I was a noob in my defence for real haha

daizans fanclub

True.Again.God,mutzzys in love with a mod.Maybe its true,maybe he is mad.Good that hes not in love with a guy mod.

lord syron orm

My noobiest mistake was posting a spy report in a shared forum! What if theres spies?


It's hard to decide when you're the noobiest player ever..... Let's say....attacking MrLeN! No that was a bit of fun......It's attacking #3 with 1 LS and actually thinking my alliance would be able to do it. *Steps back to avoid embarrassment*