Your noobiest mistake

The Infectious Nightmare

Thinking c ships could attack, I sent 3 in 1 attack with 4lightships

lord syron orm

Another of my mistakes was thinking my units coming back from an attack were attacking me, I used militia only to realize it was my attack returning.


ooh mine was probably I forgot to activate my vm(well that's what the mods say,I think it glitched) and for it got conquered in tau and attacked after my bp in phi
for it I got kicked out of both of the alliances I was in for those 2 worlds
now THAT is noobish


I played another game prior to this where archers were the main attack troop. I assumed it was the same here when I arrived so was happily building archers ready for my first conquer! oops lol


I hardly get attacked but still managed to cast favourable wind on incoming attacks three times this week. It's right next the Zeus' Rage option you see and when your in hurry to cast it before they manage to hide it, it happens.



This thread is extremely enjoyable! I've been laughing and learning SO much!

Despite all I've learned I just made my supreme mistake. While building up troops I had told myself that Hera needed 100+ for "Population Growth" and I was at 79... Well, as you may have guessed I went forward with my unit production right as favor ticked to 80 and I realized, I too, was a noob :D


I HAVE to say thank you all! I am so new that I have yet to make any of the wonderful learning experiences many of you have. I simply have the ability to ROTFLMAO reading about the things I'll eventually do! LOL

Thank you! Hopefully I can avoid some of them!

and yes, I've activated militia just to see what it would do,
attacked neighbor with 6 swordsmen,
etc... But those were in my first two days... Let's see what I can do in the future! I promise I'll post it here, but I probably won't have the benefit of blaming it on adult beverages. LOL


in a rush to send a CS on a newly counquered town call of ocean CS built asap built a transport and a single LS and sent and landed within 10 hours. what i built for slingers wasnt even enough to make it past the citywall and kill "slingers" that were in production after clearing. given 2 or 3 days woulda landed successfully but the player was active before i was ready again he was properly stacked in defence. messed up my chance

edit: in a rush sent LS nukes and land units to time with a CS strike then messed up sending the CS as support. came back a few hours later had to wait to call back and call back all support then retry lost 2 days.

take ur time. dont rush. when u fail the player is then alerted.
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Mine for sure was when I was getting ready for my first conquest. I had things planned, and to make things fast my plan was to cast Pop Growth to half the building time of my CS... so I clicked to build my CS and after I ordered to be built I cast Pop Growth, and then I saw it was going to take the normal time to build, so I said what the..!?!, then I remembered that Pop growth didn´t have effect on things already queued, So I took my CS OFF the queue, I didn´t have the resources to build it at the moment, so I farmed a bit, and then ordered its construction again, just to see that time was still the normal building time, I was , and confused, then I saw that pop growth is only for barrack units, not harbor...

lord syron orm

Thats almost as bad as when I was taking over my city, I sent my cs when the revolt was starting, not when it was happening.

Smelly Armpit

Was just surfing the acropolis and saw this, thought I'd give it a bump.

My noobiest mistake when I started is when I was looking for a guide on the net and searched "How to get CP efficiently", turns out CP has a whole different meaning in the net.


As a noob these stories have been very helpful, lots of tips for me to consider!

My first mistake was to start recruiting THEN cast population growth...Took me ages to figure out why the speed hadn't changed.

Another one was to start construction on one building then added another to the queue. I decided to change the order of buildings so stopped construction then wondered why I didn't have as many resources as I had before...*facepalm*


I had 1500 points and spied on a player with 300k points in Theta

I was farmed until death xD
My noobiest mistake was on my first world ever, Gamma. I was in charge of recruiting and decided to use a fear tactic. So I loaded up my horsemen on transports and send them to attack a player a few days away. When the attack failed I messaged him that it was just a taste of our alliance's power.


I once sent a bireme nuke with a crappy fast CS to try to sneak into your was didn't end well :p
I once sent a bireme nuke to clear out the fireships in ayax town, for some reason on the spy report i thought the birs in the town were fast