Queen Peace

This is just a tiny representation of the absolute insanity of the British people. Food banks are closing and cancer treatments are being cancelled too. Now Inno are going all in on something 99.9 percent of the server don't care about. And for those that do, the date of the funeral has been known for nearly a week. Plenty of time for anyone who wants to not get attacked to hit VM.

She was 96 years old. It's a sad occasion but life goes on too. Give your heads a royal wobble, whoever thought this was a good idea.
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mike i know damn well you're online and haven't seen sunlight in 3 weeks surely we can get an explanation to why there's peacetime


Grepolis Team
Queen Elizabeth II was a global icon. She gave 70 years of her life to serving the people of the UK and the Commonwealth and she is respected around the world. Peacetime allows those who wish to pay their respects to her without distraction. I would hope that even if this is not you, in these circumstances you would understand our reasoning.